Monday, October 27, 2008


You’ve said to love You,
Love my neighbor, as myself,
You sealed it with;
Loving like You have loved me,
Now that got me thinking,
It had me searching,
How have You loved me?
You sacrificed,
You gave,
You save,
You paved,
You bled,
You died,
You advocate,
All for me,
Even when I was unlovable,
Even when I didn’t love You back,
This couldn’t have been easy,
So this is the kind of loving You require of me,
That I take this to the streets,
That I love everyone in this manner,
That I love like You.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Shouldn’t I know You by now?
Your principles and patterns are unfazed,
Two dots apart, where will you start the line from today?
Author and Finisher, but in between You reinvent Yourself,
Alpha and Omega! Impressive! Yet You take time to laugh with me,
How can I know the end is bliss and yet fuss about the web spinning?
Predictable yet at the end my jaw drops and I drool shamelessly,
I Can honestly picture You laughing, at my reactions,
Shepard and the Lamb, how? Multifaceted, Multitasking personified,
The King of kings is my bosom friend!!
You never give up on me, even when I think You should,
Talk about persistence in love,
You must see things I can’t,
Show me,
Spiritual muscles, You help me work on my abs,
Why do You need me in top shape?
For Your glory, right?
Typical of You, giving me answers in my questions,
Humor me, what is Your favorite day of the week?
Sundays or Wednesdays?
When can’t You help but do the ‘electric slide’
What prompts butterflies in stomach?
What gets You grinning like a toothless two year old?
Cos those are things I will focus on,
I want to please You,
For once, let me tend to You,
Ask of me anything God,
Got You smiling, ha!
You just made my day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I’m curious Lord,
My flaws, the mistakes I’ve made over the years,
Did you know they were all going to happen?
Are they a part of my destiny from inception?
Sketched into my blue prints,
Are there more to come?
Can I even try to evade them?
I know there is no changing Your initial encryption,
Your works are cast on Your Spirit,
Which temptations did You know I’ll beat and which I won’t?
Did you laugh at me or did I bring tears to Your eyes?
I seem to have loads of questions needing answers,
Where is the edge of the cliff for You?
When Your hands get too slippery and Your grasp does loosen?
Do You ever give up?
Is ‘the end’ in Your vocabulary?
Don’t ever go quiet on me Father,
Never sever the cord that joins us,
Death becomes me when You are not near,
Absent minded,
Not a care in the world,
I want to live everyday for You,
I want to conquer only with You,
My success has to be Yours,
I forge only because You allow it,
I survive only because You cushion,
I can, because You have.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Increasingly, clearly, consistently I find that with every stride that I by myself I’m nothing, utter crap without You,
Rudderless, unintelligent, spineless, scared without You,
There is so much to do, to be, to have but without You my being rattles, not daring to mutter a breath,
I want to follow only You,
Its You only I can trust
You are the only one with tested results
Embrace me, show me, assure me, direct me, tutor me, equip me, qualify me for the purpose You have engineered into me before day 1.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My spine buckles when I’m outside Your presence,
I’m comfortable crying only in Your Presence,
Thoughts of You brings me into Your presence,
A glimpse of the future, a beauty to behold only in Your presence,
My greatest life goal is to come to a place where I’m perpetually in Your presence.