Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It’s the morning of your day again,
Celebrations in every cranny of the world,
Felicitations, food and fun,
All on your account,
Wonder if anyone has personally wished you ‘a happy birthday’
Gifts are under the tree,
But none of them is addressed to you,
Nobody has asked what it is you want on your day,
If you want it ‘hush’ this year,
Or just want to hang with the motherless babies,
A grand service with age old routine might get you yawning,
So I say,
I’m mighty grateful you were born,
I love that you came in through the humblest of families,
That your place of birth was a lowly manger,
Your arrival is the genesis of my salvation,
I might not have gifts of myrrh and frankincense for you,

But today a redeemed heart which you made happen,
Is here praising you,
Adoring you,
Thanking you,
Worshiping you,
Saying blessed is the day you were born.
Happy birthday, Jesus.
I don’t need to wish You long life and prosperity,
Cos I know that your years are eternal and all things are Yours.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My love for You is unconditional
I have learnt to separate things
My needs, my yearnings are glaring
But my yearn for You is key
It is not fleeting
Neither is it tied to anything
I understand that i am the Kings kid
So for sure the spoils of the palace are mine
That apart
My heart leaps at the voice of Your word
To know You  is my life's conquest
To be close to You
To lean on You and drink deeply from You
I search Your living word on a daily
Seeking to meet with You
Seeking to find me
I know that a life outside You is fickle
So i press on eagerly
If i am ever going to be the me You intended then i have to ask you to show me how
Enough of the ' to and fro'
I'm staying put with You
Until You nudge me towards
Open up to me Your  most intimate insides
Need i say, You have access to mine
I wanna beat my chest without a doubt
Screaming ,' my Father showed me how'
Being a success that You  endorsed
That i didn't just cook up
My love for you trumps all
Stripped bare and with no promise ahead
I' ll  be shouting ' i love You  Lord' from mountain tops
All life long.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


As i worshipped
Somewhere near the surface
Tears lingered
Not unto sadness
But of gratitude
Of praise
Overwhelmed by You
And your love for me
My worth in my eyes
Growing because of what i see in yours 
It's a good thing that your thoughts floor mine
That nothing can separate me from Your love
That when You look at me it's Jesus that stares back at you
Thank you for the gift of righteousness
Unabashedly i offer worship
Unabashedly i offer me.

Monday, August 5, 2013


First things first
I wait to hear
Inclining to the Master's voice
Daily He speaks
Yet i tarry
Hoping my day is here

'Tired 'doesn't even describe
I'm at my wits end
I know better than to run
Before the starter gun blares
False starts haven't gotten me anywhere
Just back to the beginning

Standing on one spot
Brings despair
A loaded cannon going nowhere
Seemingly equipped for the long haul
Apparently not by the Master's declare
Sadly the world doesn't understand
Difference in life's compere

Axe sharpening at lent 
Afraid that trees will be extinct
Before my day comes
Sometimes i wonder if i've got it wrong
But my insides testify otherwise

I yearn for the peace that comes with the terrain
But somedays the discomfort stirs 
I'm warmed up
My hand stretched backward
Eagerly waiting for the baton
So i can run my bit 
And affect my crowd
Knowing my race i ran
Not to a false finish line.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ZECHARIAH 2: The Restoration of James

Desolate i stood
Scattered by many winds
Drinking from the cups of others
Wondering if i'll ever see my 'Jerusalem'
Praying and waiting
Scanning the horizon
Sniffing the air for the rains
Like He said he would
At the fullness of time
He showed
With a tape he measured anew
Enlarging my territories
Yet they burst at the seams
Overflowing with more than i'll ever need
He became a wall of fire around me
And the glory in my midst
Those who plundered me
Came running back with compound interest
Begging to associate
They didn't know that when poked at my  eyes
They were touching Yours
Praise God!
For He is risen
To restore and enlarge
To inhabit my praise!