Thursday, November 27, 2008


My thoughts are truly pedestrian,
Here I am standing in Your throne room,
I can see the splendor,
Your presence is heavy in the atmosphere,
Pleading my case I intend,
My heart can be measured in tonnes,
I bleed through my eyes,
I clear my throat in a bid to start,
My chin touching my chest,
I dare to look up,
What I see puzzles me,
That radiant smile,
You seem pleased to have me before You,
I realize that what bothers me doesn’t move You,
You have had the likes of me stand before You often,
For thousand of years actually,
You say, before I prayed it, You did it,
That Your plans are beyond my challenges,
That for every travail, You had a reason,
For every heartache, You were working,
For every brick wall, You were redirecting,
Some things had to occur so I’ll seek You,
Others presented an opportunity to showcase Your supremacy,
So now all of it has brought me were You wanted me,
At Your feet,
All you want is already in your destiny, You say,
All I want is your fellowship,
Your life is perfected when we are best of friends,
Then I realized how I’d been chasing my own tail,
All I’ll ever need flows out from intimacy with You,
Thanks pal.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Sometimes its like You have zoned out on me,
Can hear the cricket in the alley,
but I can’t hear my greatest Ally,
I can feel Your breathe on my cheek,
My ears strain,
My being stills,
I hear only my hearts rhythm,
Your presence is a certainty,
I know Your voice well enough,
Yet You won’t verbalize,
Does there need to be words every time will frolic?
Isn’t Your silence fellowship in itself?
Its Good to know that You are here,
Enjoying just being around me,
Lovers communicating,
Word or not its comforting knowing You are near.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Everyday, incessantly in many ways you try to bring me down,
It kills you to see me in sync,
Throwing anything and everything at me,
Causing temporary distractions,
Playing tricks on my mind,
Using even the closest to my core,
You are relentless,
Inventing new stuff just to get me in a rut,
Your quiver of arrows don’t faze me,
My Shield intact,
You don’t get it do you?
I belong to Someone else,
The One who turns what you meant for evil into good,
Nothing happens unless He allows it,
So I know better,
By default you work for Him to best me,
You are pawn in my Fathers hands