Friday, December 19, 2008


If You were to judge me on a daily,
I would fail consistently,
If You struck at the heat of all sins,
I would be without a pulse,
If You turned Your back at my every iniquity,
I would be the devils dinner,
If You prosecuted as I faltered,
I would lose every case,
If You loved me by my deeds,
I would have been Your ex,
If You left me to myself,
I would miss it repeatedly,
Thank You for blotting out my sins,
Erasing it with every morning,
I am sorry for my weaknesses,
Bless You for Your strength in me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The clay in Your hand,
In Your mind a picture rears,
Clear and concise,
Detailed to the letter,
You begin to mix and mould,
With every stroke, You perfect,
Blemishes You correct,
Unwanted elements You remove,
You compare with the image in Your minds eye,
You step back and look,
More clay,
A squirt of water,
A flaw won’t correct,
You dissolve all of it and start again,
Patiently You craft,
Almost doesn’t count,
As You saw,
As You intended,
So it shall be,
A masterpiece You purposed,
A chef-d’oeurve I’ll be.