Friday, May 22, 2009


You really are in love with me, aren’t You?
Again I’ve broken free from Your grip,
Running swiftly toward the cliff,
I offer myself to be sifted as wheat,
My prayers are halfhearted,
I have starved myself of You,
Letting my mind feed off thistles,
Enjoying the bruises that follow,
‘Just this once more’, I say,
Then I’m done disgracing You,
I’ll just look at the gourmet meal,
I promise, I won’t eat it,
Scouts honor!
Knowingly You smile,
Bringing to remembrance Your word,
True, lord,
I’ll be licking my fingers before You say J,
Shouldn’t have stayed off You for a second,
Now I’m weak,
Willing to self destruct.
But loving You,
To my rescue again,
My redeemer,
My saviour,
Bringing me to safety.
Always stay near, lord,
Forgive my whims,
Keep me in check,
And I’ll be a son for life.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Often I like to sit in Your presence,
No words spoken,
No jiggling,
Just still,
Taking in Your atmosphere,
Nothing else matters this moment,
I am in the palace,
I am safe here,
I don’t want to say anything to You,
If You don’t utter, I understand,
It’s so peaceful here,
So alright,
I’m the showbread now,
When I’m done soaking
In a bit I’ll be the bread of Your Presence,
I’m elated that I increase when we hang.