Wednesday, November 4, 2009


When it rains, it pours,
Or is it Aurora?
Season 7, episode 21of ‘if it tarries’
Yet the plot thickens,
I must be all that,
For all these to beleaguer,
The shutters of my eyes quiver,
A song stirs in my spirit,
It’s on continuous play,
It stays till I’m comforted,
I summon courage for yet another day,
Around the corner is near,
The fragrance called ‘victory’ is stuck in my nostrils,
The goose flesh testifies,
Its time,
My inheritance in installments,
In step with my King,
Rhythm in our sync,
The cheer of my Father,
The dance of my Mother,
The village square theatricals,
A son’s sojourn has yielded bountifully,
Purpose has been achieved,
Only because I am a bosom friend,
Of the Author,
And the Finisher,
And we took every step of the journey together.