Monday, June 7, 2010


With a mind like Yours,
I tend to drift,
Vivid I picture,
Detailed I concoct,
Real enough that I can touch,
A haven,
A window into possibilities,
An orifice of destiny,
A jolt of fresh strength,
A hopeful tomorrow,
A leeway,
Honored for Your ability in me,
As I dream on,
Bring them to fruition.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The rivulets ran down Your cheeks,
The hour was near,
Your divinity was about to abandon You,
So you could pay for a crime you didn’t commit,
As your traitor put his lips to You,
They snatched You,
You let them believe they were in control,
A fixed trial precedes,
To Golgotha they dragged You,
Mocking and whipping,
Your skin a mangle of ripped flesh,
Blood flowing without restraints,
Your face showed Your pain,
Your heart snickered,
To them the end was near,
To You a beginning was here,
Propped up,
Spread out like hide,
Feet smashed and pierced through,
Hands numb and throbbing,
Straddled with every iniquity ever invented,
Your eyes are glued to the Father,
Fulfillment is building in Your chest,
As strength desert You,
The angels watch tear-eyed,
Your Fathers heart caves in,
Time pauses as breath oozes out of You.
Life seizes to be as we know it.

Sentries at alert at the tomb,
While rebirth was being stewed,
The devil should have just let You be,
You are back, bigger and best,
Death has been robbed of its sting,
The end has been reconstructed to a transition,
The veil has been ripped,
The scales have fallen off,
Bloods have mixed,
We have been ransomed,
Rest is ours,
Our slates are brand new,
Your many names come to play,
Our boldness has tripled,
The angels have broke out in a dance,
Gods face is lit up in megawatts,
Time cowers as You give us life anew,
Death seizes to be as we know it.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Praises gushing out of me with gusto,
Telling of how you’ve never failed me,
Showing that walking with you delivers,
As we prayed it,
You gave it,
It toyed in my subconscious,
And it was on my plate,
My faith in leaps and bounds,
And all I did was check our previous dealings,
Your paper trail is evident,
Your cheques are as good as cash,
If You say it, You run to effect it,
Habitually You show,
Cleaning house as You pass by,
Leaving everything better than You met it,
Glorious God!
Rock steady Father!
Flawless King!
Reliable friend!
I praise You with the full strength of my lungs,
Only because You deserve

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I’m on a journey,
Searching for who I am,
My perception of me is erroneous in parts,
Expectations I’ve set I shockingly find out I’m not meeting,
I thought I had it all figured out,
That the road was charted,
The GPS would get me there as planned,
My jaw keeps dropping as I surprise myself repeatedly,
There are things I must accept I can’t handle by myself,
Some, running away will solve,
Others I’m prepared to lose blood for,
My expectations are sky high,
Far away from what reality obtains,
I want life to be calculated,
But new turns, blocks are invented at a moments notice,
I fear that I might fail God and my loved ones,
That I may wake someday and be were I didn’t purchase a ticket to,
I’m the most optimistic,
Yet daily life enervates me,
I’m sad,
Then I’m happy,
Then I hit rock bottom with springs in my shoes,
Unable to attain consistency,
Craving permanent shelter amongst the stars,
Hating the downward drop,
I come to you only because you are my source,
You wrote the manual,
You keyed in the codes,
I need help,
I need You,
You are all that I’ve got,
The only one who won’t turn me back cos of my incessant flaws,
Let me sit on your laps,
Direct me to the me that delights You,
It important that I get it right,
Help me Father.