Friday, September 11, 2009


The ache is more than I can bear,
I’m hollow, the echo is clear,
Tilt my ear but still I don’t hear,
How did I get here?
Lost in self thoughts, I’ve wandered,
It was meant to be a stroll not a stray,
With every step the power ebbed,
The glow on my skin went with your glory,
My pupil now a shade of grey,

I miss you much,
Our spot by the gate,
Your tender nudge,
The aroma of your proximity,
The welling in my chest when you visit,
The perk on my face at the mention of your name,
The afterglow of your presence,
The peace you bring at your reaching,
Our intimacy,

I want back,
I want more,
Need you to move in,
Out with me, in with you,
Need to exude your spirit,
Sate me,
Consume me,
Wrap me in silk and suppleness of you,
The throne room of my heart awaits you.
Your boy earnestly waits