Friday, September 4, 2015


My heart is not the purest
I want to be the farthest
AMy flesh fights for interrupting its feed
Even though that's what my spirit needs.

I am the wiser
By drawing closer
To the Purifier
Of my often wander.

I may not identify
But constantly You clarify
Protecting your promise
To take me high.

My feet will always splatter
Throwing a spanner in my own works
But yet, You will forever
Bring me back to Bosom
Shielding like only I matter.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Some days the events of my day contradicts your word,
And i begin to consent to the down-flow,
Then your word in me finds an outlet 
First in trickles,
Then like an untamed tide
You deliver reminders of who you are
And what you have accomplished for me

Sometimes it's just a word
Other times a phrase
Or a scripture
Pointing me to the Word that supersedes 
Every let down
Every lack
Every weakness
Every false start
Every contradiction

Then I profusely thank You
For leading me besides still waters
For feeding me through a raven at the brook
For letting me share bread and fish with 4999
For challenging everyone who wanted to stone me for adultery
For braving the cross

Your Word requires no validation
Even though our experiences are proofs
You are a stand-alone
All encompassing
Author and perfecter
And the in-between

So when i speak Your word
I am reminded
I am energized 
I am updated
I am 
As He is.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I sense a call to a higher place
To come up hither 
A place of more
An unveiling of riches
A growth beyond my years
An attainment that few have dared

Teach me
Show me how
Quieten my spirit
That i can pick the faintest of scents
Bind my wandering heart

It is a defining moment
A divider of ranks
A separation from the mediocre
A season of quantum leaps

It is time for the supernatural
To do away with undulations
And perpetually soar
To heights designed for me
To the me i am meant to be

Author and Perfecter
All knowing
The Lion and the Lamb
My King
The I am that I am
My Creator

Help me.

Friday, April 17, 2015


A review of our banters gone by
The effect of our exchange
The trickle of our frolic
And my heart rends
Then it quickly mends
Born of the urgency of a rebirth.

Selfish,i have been
Keeping our talks to myself
Forgetting that mine was a prayer of echoes
The ripple effect in my yearn
Forgive my lack of a-bigger-picture syndrome

My words are still for You
Forever my pen bleeds Jesus
Deeper will i dive
Coming up only to praise
I will tell of the many facets of You
And brag of the quality of Your genuineness 

I commit to share
Out of the abundance You have sowed
Holding back none
Spreading Your every word
Until hearts start melting
Legs come running
And men yielding in abandon

My words are still for You
My pen bleeds for only You
I am consecrated.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Lots of gray in the world today
The standard has moved from God to self
Quickly they bend
Just because it's soothe
Then they rally a headless bunch
To help them affirm
They forget who the Author is
Refusing to look at the mirror
Knowing what will stare

You can mask the truth
Eventually it will rare
We are a ship with a rudder
But not for us to steer
He said, ' let there be'
And there was you
Acting like you came out of thin air
But the end is there to tell 

So for a moment ponder
Step out of self
Look at the bigger picture
And make amends
For soon the clock will lose it's relevance
And you will be standing bare
Either or
Eternity will pick you whence.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It’s the morning of your day again,
Celebrations in every cranny of the world,
Felicitations, food and fun,
All on your account,
Wonder if anyone has personally wished you ‘a happy birthday’
Gifts are under the tree,
But none of them is addressed to you,
Nobody has asked what it is you want on your day,
If you want it ‘hush’ this year,
Or just want to hang with the motherless babies,
A grand service with age old routine might get you yawning,
So I say,
I’m mighty grateful you were born,
I love that you came in through the humblest of families,
That your place of birth was a lowly manger,
Your arrival is the genesis of my salvation,
I might not have gifts of myrrh and frankincense for you,

But today a redeemed heart which you made happen,
Is here praising you,
Adoring you,
Thanking you,
Worshiping you,
Saying blessed is the day you were born.
Happy birthday, Jesus.
I don’t need to wish You long life and prosperity,
Cos I know that your years are eternal and all things are Yours.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My love for You is unconditional
I have learnt to separate things
My needs, my yearnings are glaring
But my yearn for You is key
It is not fleeting
Neither is it tied to anything
I understand that i am the Kings kid
So for sure the spoils of the palace are mine
That apart
My heart leaps at the voice of Your word
To know You  is my life's conquest
To be close to You
To lean on You and drink deeply from You
I search Your living word on a daily
Seeking to meet with You
Seeking to find me
I know that a life outside You is fickle
So i press on eagerly
If i am ever going to be the me You intended then i have to ask you to show me how
Enough of the ' to and fro'
I'm staying put with You
Until You nudge me towards
Open up to me Your  most intimate insides
Need i say, You have access to mine
I wanna beat my chest without a doubt
Screaming ,' my Father showed me how'
Being a success that You  endorsed
That i didn't just cook up
My love for you trumps all
Stripped bare and with no promise ahead
I' ll  be shouting ' i love You  Lord' from mountain tops
All life long.