Monday, July 6, 2009


Jay: God?
God: yeah?
J: been thinking
GD: about what?
J: like you don’t already know
GD: humor me
J: okay, lots of stuff actually
GD: be specific, son
J: I’ve been thinking of why I’m where I am in life
GD: Where are you?
J: come on God!
GD: answer me Jay Pierre
J: Gosh now you sound like my dad
GD: I am
J: okay seriously, I feel like am on pause!
GD: so?
J: so? What do mean?
GD: exactly what I said, so what if?
J: thought you were going to explain why?
GD: you didn’t ask me to
J: okay I’m asking!
GD: don’t raise your voice at me!
J: oops sorry!
GD: clean slate
J: thanks
GD: your definition of ‘pause’ differs from mine
J: how so?
GD: sometimes it is progress
J: Come on! Don’t go philosophical on me
GD: this is me being straight actually
J: expatiate Lord
GD: I make you wait at a corner longer than you expect cos I want to show you something
J: really?
GD: yep
J: it’s difficult, especially when it seems my peers have shot ahead of me
GD: seems? Nice choice of words there
J: but it’s obvious!
GD: to whom?
J: but…..
GD: what have I told you about comparing?
J: that our scripts are different
GD: and?
J: that you make everything beautiful in Your time
GD: didn’t hear that clearly, whose time?
J: Yours Lord.
GD: so let me be God in your life
J: I’m trying
GD: hands off and watch me
J: but…
GD: no buts son
J: okay, ‘do your thing’ like ‘stoneman’
GD: will do better
J: exceedingly…abundantly
GD: Oh you know the scripture? Keep confessing it then
J: Will do, feel better already Lord
GD: I’m thinking only good thoughts toward you, you know
GD: And my word will become flesh in your life
J: Thanks Dad
GD: pleasure’s all mine amigos.
J: lol