Wednesday, November 4, 2009


When it rains, it pours,
Or is it Aurora?
Season 7, episode 21of ‘if it tarries’
Yet the plot thickens,
I must be all that,
For all these to beleaguer,
The shutters of my eyes quiver,
A song stirs in my spirit,
It’s on continuous play,
It stays till I’m comforted,
I summon courage for yet another day,
Around the corner is near,
The fragrance called ‘victory’ is stuck in my nostrils,
The goose flesh testifies,
Its time,
My inheritance in installments,
In step with my King,
Rhythm in our sync,
The cheer of my Father,
The dance of my Mother,
The village square theatricals,
A son’s sojourn has yielded bountifully,
Purpose has been achieved,
Only because I am a bosom friend,
Of the Author,
And the Finisher,
And we took every step of the journey together.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The ache is more than I can bear,
I’m hollow, the echo is clear,
Tilt my ear but still I don’t hear,
How did I get here?
Lost in self thoughts, I’ve wandered,
It was meant to be a stroll not a stray,
With every step the power ebbed,
The glow on my skin went with your glory,
My pupil now a shade of grey,

I miss you much,
Our spot by the gate,
Your tender nudge,
The aroma of your proximity,
The welling in my chest when you visit,
The perk on my face at the mention of your name,
The afterglow of your presence,
The peace you bring at your reaching,
Our intimacy,

I want back,
I want more,
Need you to move in,
Out with me, in with you,
Need to exude your spirit,
Sate me,
Consume me,
Wrap me in silk and suppleness of you,
The throne room of my heart awaits you.
Your boy earnestly waits

Thursday, August 20, 2009


A satellite picture of the earth,
The second the orange rays hit the ocean,
The woman,
A smile,
Your Sons resurrection,
The first cry of a baby,
Jesus’ robe,
The purple velvet inYour tabernacle,
The wake of a flowers’ blossom,
Rushing waters,
A shooting star,
Colors of the rainbow,
A helping hand,
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee,
Your taste is truly impeccable,

Monday, July 6, 2009


Jay: God?
God: yeah?
J: been thinking
GD: about what?
J: like you don’t already know
GD: humor me
J: okay, lots of stuff actually
GD: be specific, son
J: I’ve been thinking of why I’m where I am in life
GD: Where are you?
J: come on God!
GD: answer me Jay Pierre
J: Gosh now you sound like my dad
GD: I am
J: okay seriously, I feel like am on pause!
GD: so?
J: so? What do mean?
GD: exactly what I said, so what if?
J: thought you were going to explain why?
GD: you didn’t ask me to
J: okay I’m asking!
GD: don’t raise your voice at me!
J: oops sorry!
GD: clean slate
J: thanks
GD: your definition of ‘pause’ differs from mine
J: how so?
GD: sometimes it is progress
J: Come on! Don’t go philosophical on me
GD: this is me being straight actually
J: expatiate Lord
GD: I make you wait at a corner longer than you expect cos I want to show you something
J: really?
GD: yep
J: it’s difficult, especially when it seems my peers have shot ahead of me
GD: seems? Nice choice of words there
J: but it’s obvious!
GD: to whom?
J: but…..
GD: what have I told you about comparing?
J: that our scripts are different
GD: and?
J: that you make everything beautiful in Your time
GD: didn’t hear that clearly, whose time?
J: Yours Lord.
GD: so let me be God in your life
J: I’m trying
GD: hands off and watch me
J: but…
GD: no buts son
J: okay, ‘do your thing’ like ‘stoneman’
GD: will do better
J: exceedingly…abundantly
GD: Oh you know the scripture? Keep confessing it then
J: Will do, feel better already Lord
GD: I’m thinking only good thoughts toward you, you know
GD: And my word will become flesh in your life
J: Thanks Dad
GD: pleasure’s all mine amigos.
J: lol

Friday, May 22, 2009


You really are in love with me, aren’t You?
Again I’ve broken free from Your grip,
Running swiftly toward the cliff,
I offer myself to be sifted as wheat,
My prayers are halfhearted,
I have starved myself of You,
Letting my mind feed off thistles,
Enjoying the bruises that follow,
‘Just this once more’, I say,
Then I’m done disgracing You,
I’ll just look at the gourmet meal,
I promise, I won’t eat it,
Scouts honor!
Knowingly You smile,
Bringing to remembrance Your word,
True, lord,
I’ll be licking my fingers before You say J,
Shouldn’t have stayed off You for a second,
Now I’m weak,
Willing to self destruct.
But loving You,
To my rescue again,
My redeemer,
My saviour,
Bringing me to safety.
Always stay near, lord,
Forgive my whims,
Keep me in check,
And I’ll be a son for life.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Often I like to sit in Your presence,
No words spoken,
No jiggling,
Just still,
Taking in Your atmosphere,
Nothing else matters this moment,
I am in the palace,
I am safe here,
I don’t want to say anything to You,
If You don’t utter, I understand,
It’s so peaceful here,
So alright,
I’m the showbread now,
When I’m done soaking
In a bit I’ll be the bread of Your Presence,
I’m elated that I increase when we hang.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I’m at crossroads this moment,
The battle within me is fierce,
I knew this day would come,
What I didn’t know was how,
Nice angle you picked ‘king of Hades’,
I was wondering how you’ll let me through this easily,
A transition is near,
A newness is in the offing,
A covenant is pen ready,
The 3 strands are about to be bound for eternity,
Damage is about to hit your ministry,
Allies are being birthed,
Foot soldiers are being promoted to generals,
Typical of you to jab at my weakness in such an hour,
Trying to shove my into another destiny,
Coming at me with all you got,
Tinkering with my thoughts,
Fortunately for me, God is true to his words,
He has given me a way of escape yet again,
I will do His bid and not yours,
I’ll have you flat on your back once more,
I’ll have you squealing in no time,
I’ll get to were He needs me,
The level I yearn,
I’ll walk in the future He intended,
You can bring your ‘A’ game,
I’m ready,
Armor clad,
Spirit nurtured,
Skill, razor sharp,
And my Master strategist ahead,
So bring it on!
Cos I know promotion is nigh!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I’m the apple of Your eye……
That You will never leave me nor forsake me…..Heb13:5
That You update the count on my hairs after a haircut…Luke 12:7
That before I thought it, you parceled a bonus…Eph3:20
That hand in hand You’ll lead me by still waters….Ps23:2
That when I slip You’ll break my fall….Prov24:16
That Your grace is enough…..2Cor 12:9
That there’s no condemnation….Rom8:1
That in time everything is made beautiful…..Ecc3:11
That no one can take away Your gifts in me….Rom11:29
That You are by my side and fear won’t dare…..Ps118:6
That I’ll be the last man standing….Ps91:7
That I’m king because You have ordained me…Phil4:13
That if my desires align with Your plan it’ll blossom...Prov19:21
That when I hope I’ll grow wings…..Isa40:31
That my surname is God…Isa43:1
That nothing wrings Your brows….Gen18:14
That my sins are written upon waters…Isa43:25
That my cup will run over……..Ps23:5

Did you mean it when You said that if I seek You that I will find You….Jer29:13

Thank You.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


When You speak,
Hearts find relief,
Minds find understanding,
Problems are solved,
Direction is found,
Wisdom is imparted,
Patience is acquired,
Confirmations rear,
Questions are asked,
Insight deepens,
Warmth flows,
Confidence returns,
Flaws correct,
Destiny aligns,
Joy abounds,
Burdens lift,
Assurance beckons,
Love shows,
End is known,
When you speak, Lord,
Light shines brightly, darkness disperses.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Face in the dirt,
Arms tied backwards,
I look up and I see,
You are still God.
Bed ridden,
Breath deserting me,
I look up and I see,
You are still God.
A success,
Fulfilled and content,
A victor,
I look up and I see,
You are still God.
From where I’m standing,
In my highs and lows,
I will look up and see,
For You are unchanging,
You are forever God.
Forever my God.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Minute1: Panic stricken, imobilarie,
Minute2: Muster some thought; is this how I’m going out?
Minute3: Heart check; any slip-ups with my Father?
Minute4; Father forgive me for my sins {can’t be too sure},
Minute5: My sweetness! ma tulip! God please!
Minute6: Double check; are we good God?
Minute7: Baby I’m waiting for you, The Father and I, (hurry! no don’t)
Minute8: Ponder; what do You have in store for me Father,
Minute9: Is this for real? My family! Did I fulfill destiny, are You smiling?
45 Seconds…….. : Into Your Bosom, Finally, peace, rest, I get to see You!
15 Seconds… Calm, excited! Beautiful! I made it! Thank You Jesus!
Flat line………………………………………………………………….
Bright light, where am I? My angels, the gate……….
Welcome son…………
Is That You Lord? Awesome! Whoa!

Monday, January 26, 2009


My journey with You is yet to span decades,
But it’s like I’m in special ed and getting double promotions in one breath,
In recent times I’ve learnt that I didn’t wait long enough for You,
Yes I asked,
No, You didn’t speak,
I want Your leading in my tiniest of endeavors,
I realize my mouth said you are chief but heart co-chaired with You,
Now I know better,
Now I’m saying if it’s not You I don’t want it,
Now I’m saying if you don’t go, I won’t follow,
Now I’m saying if you don’t make it happen, it won’t happen,
Now I’m saying if it’s not You, it’s not me,
If I can’t confidently give you all the glory,
Then I won’t testify,
I require the necessity of You in all,
So I know the Holy Spirit has my hand in His.

Monday, January 19, 2009


As the days go by,
I appreciate the workings Your hands more,
There’s beauty in all You’ve made,
Your intelligence astounds me,
Your brilliance has me tongue tied,
Your kindness breaks me,
Your faithfulness shames me,
In the moments that I see through You,
I fight back tears euphoria,
I need to know You,
I beg to understudy You,
I yearn to be mentored by You,
Let me ride on Your back,
As You point out the bottomless things of You,
Teach me with everything and nothing,
I’ll be seeking You until the day I see You.
I love You Lord,
I really do.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As I await my miracle,
No time span is stated,
Seemingly an endless wait,
Not knowing how it’ll manifest,
But sure to recognize it,
When I see it,
Assured that the battle is mine,
Yet right now I’m loosing blood fast,
Time in gestation is vague,
Taking of delivery certain,
Yet not specified,
Always at the knick of time,
You show,
Gift wrapped is Your exceedingly, abundantly and above.
Just as I tilt to shame,

Grace pulls me back to Your glory

Monday, January 5, 2009


I open my mouth and You speak,
I’m suppressed for You to emerge,
Searching for an answer and You hand it to me,
You teach me great things in my obedience,
I literally feel like me when You visit,
Never gone out on a limb like with the Lamb,
Amazing how You use me and I’m oblivious to it,
The Master Puppeteer,
Administering antibiotics while I don’t know I’m in need,
Healing me in my sleep,
Giving men unto me,
Yet they are clueless who sent them,
You covet me,
Transplanting me to Your courtyard,
Just so You can water me at the required hour,
Sink it into my membrane that I’m precious to You,
That You will give up bliss for even second for me, intrigues me,
Awaken Your ways in me,
Stoke me into purpose,
Cheer when I figure yet another puzzle,
As I break ranks toward You,
Where You are I intend to be,
The Holy of holies!
Feeding off the palms of Jehovah