Monday, July 6, 2009


Jay: God?
God: yeah?
J: been thinking
GD: about what?
J: like you don’t already know
GD: humor me
J: okay, lots of stuff actually
GD: be specific, son
J: I’ve been thinking of why I’m where I am in life
GD: Where are you?
J: come on God!
GD: answer me Jay Pierre
J: Gosh now you sound like my dad
GD: I am
J: okay seriously, I feel like am on pause!
GD: so?
J: so? What do mean?
GD: exactly what I said, so what if?
J: thought you were going to explain why?
GD: you didn’t ask me to
J: okay I’m asking!
GD: don’t raise your voice at me!
J: oops sorry!
GD: clean slate
J: thanks
GD: your definition of ‘pause’ differs from mine
J: how so?
GD: sometimes it is progress
J: Come on! Don’t go philosophical on me
GD: this is me being straight actually
J: expatiate Lord
GD: I make you wait at a corner longer than you expect cos I want to show you something
J: really?
GD: yep
J: it’s difficult, especially when it seems my peers have shot ahead of me
GD: seems? Nice choice of words there
J: but it’s obvious!
GD: to whom?
J: but…..
GD: what have I told you about comparing?
J: that our scripts are different
GD: and?
J: that you make everything beautiful in Your time
GD: didn’t hear that clearly, whose time?
J: Yours Lord.
GD: so let me be God in your life
J: I’m trying
GD: hands off and watch me
J: but…
GD: no buts son
J: okay, ‘do your thing’ like ‘stoneman’
GD: will do better
J: exceedingly…abundantly
GD: Oh you know the scripture? Keep confessing it then
J: Will do, feel better already Lord
GD: I’m thinking only good thoughts toward you, you know
GD: And my word will become flesh in your life
J: Thanks Dad
GD: pleasure’s all mine amigos.
J: lol


Rita said...

Sounds like a conversation I have had often..

Debbie said...

I like, like, like it, it made me laugh! and hit the spot. I actually checked on you yesterday for some new post.
So glad you wrote this.
It just shows how easy we can talk to God.

downtheaisle said...

Thanks so much for this,

"when it seems like our life is on pause, God is actually making us a work in progress, he makes us wait longer at a corner than we expect bcos he wants to show us something."...hmmm how very true! Let him be God in our lives.

***Thanks for this thought, I am keeping this stuff,
***first time here.

jhazmyn said...

GD: what have I told you about comparing?
J: that our scripts are different

True that, i was reading something yesterday (cant remember what) but the author said "we have been created in the image of only one person and that's the only yardstick by which we have been permitted to compare ourselves". True that

Thanks for stopping by at mine, fresh opinion coming in from you

Kafo said...

i'm loving this

this is sooo mii

Uzezi said...

lol. i like this


haha. Nice one. Thanks so much for sharing this.

The poets voice ~~~ said...

This is a conversation i'm currently having with God and so far I've learnt that i should see myself not as man sees me but as God sees me. Although i feel like i'm on 'pause', He's working in me and giving me an experience that will make me progress faster!

I would like to keep this, can i make a copy for myself..I'll certainly acknowledge you as the author.. how are you doing btw?

Telekinesys said...

@All,Glad that you all enjoyed it guys.

@Poet's voice,pls do keep it,the book will be out soon!

DarLyn said...

I really like this, first time here and sure would be back.

Hard Shell w/ Soft center said...

LUVS it!!!

Mwajim Al said...

This is beautiful... I might as well have been having this conversation with Baba God because i feel like i am going through the same phase, still struggling with letting God be God in life, and this really spoke to me, so thank you for writing this post!

prashant said...

So glad you wrote this.
It just shows how easy we can talk to God.
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