Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ZECHARIAH 2: The Restoration of James

Desolate i stood
Scattered by many winds
Drinking from the cups of others
Wondering if i'll ever see my 'Jerusalem'
Praying and waiting
Scanning the horizon
Sniffing the air for the rains
Like He said he would
At the fullness of time
He showed
With a tape he measured anew
Enlarging my territories
Yet they burst at the seams
Overflowing with more than i'll ever need
He became a wall of fire around me
And the glory in my midst
Those who plundered me
Came running back with compound interest
Begging to associate
They didn't know that when poked at my  eyes
They were touching Yours
Praise God!
For He is risen
To restore and enlarge
To inhabit my praise!  

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