Monday, October 27, 2008


You’ve said to love You,
Love my neighbor, as myself,
You sealed it with;
Loving like You have loved me,
Now that got me thinking,
It had me searching,
How have You loved me?
You sacrificed,
You gave,
You save,
You paved,
You bled,
You died,
You advocate,
All for me,
Even when I was unlovable,
Even when I didn’t love You back,
This couldn’t have been easy,
So this is the kind of loving You require of me,
That I take this to the streets,
That I love everyone in this manner,
That I love like You.


Rita said...

Sometimes I wish I could love like that...It is not easy but that is what I am working towards

Telekinesys said...

@rita,God will avail his grace for us all.

Jaycee said...

That I take this to the streets...

I'm being reminded right now of the love of the good Samaritan. It's a very unselfish type of many of us are willing to die in the place of another?

I L.O.V.E this space, I sure am blogrolling u. :)

Telekinesys said...

@jaycee,its hard but achievable by Gods grace.thanks jaycee will keep this blog lovable for you.

simeone said...

yes the streets..
fada help me , cos those on the streets are though people..
and dis is the greatest command o...that means no way out..hlep me love like u loved me..

Shubby Doo said...

i read this and i wanted to run out screaming about such love... i do choose to love like this... but is it possible 4 a mere mortal like me to take it to the streets & love everyone in this manner? human beings are a fickle bunch...

Telekinesys said...

@simeone,yes the streets

@shubby doo,a fickle bunch we may be but it is workable.

InCogNaija said...

can anybody really love as selflessly as God tho? as in really? i mean, we have the grace to...but can we really?

Olamild said...

that kain love no easy
How God is truly awesome

Telekinesys said...

@icognaija,Mother Theresa did it thanks bro.

@olamild, truly awesome He is

Uzezi said...

you kee surprising me with ur writeups. this alone is taking it out to the streets because blogville is a world of his own.
aint easy loving like He loves us, to the extent of giving His life for us. But then, in the words of Obama, 'yes we can'. all the strength we need God will give to us.

Anonymous said...

I loved this... very profound