Monday, January 19, 2009


As the days go by,
I appreciate the workings Your hands more,
There’s beauty in all You’ve made,
Your intelligence astounds me,
Your brilliance has me tongue tied,
Your kindness breaks me,
Your faithfulness shames me,
In the moments that I see through You,
I fight back tears euphoria,
I need to know You,
I beg to understudy You,
I yearn to be mentored by You,
Let me ride on Your back,
As You point out the bottomless things of You,
Teach me with everything and nothing,
I’ll be seeking You until the day I see You.
I love You Lord,
I really do.


Uzezi said...

impossible not to love He. His intelligence awes me too when i wonder just how He could do this and that. but then He is God.

Jaycee said...


I really love Him. His Omnipotence. His mercy. His love.

Debbie said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and making me discover a wealth of wisdow in your poems. I love as I wait, simply beautiful.
I will be stopping regularly.

Anonymous said...


I love this one...this is true worship Him...wondrous are his works...

SimpleeMe said...

Beautiful Post!!! God is awesome, it brings tears to my eyes when I think of all He is doing for me. He is just Indescribeable.

check out my blog :-)

aloted said...

God is awesome..

that is all i can say


wow, that was really nice. I usually am challenged when it comes to poetry but I could follow this one.

Wonderful. God is good.

Telekinesys said...

@uzezi,He is God all by Himself.


@Debbie,Thanks for your kind words,you are welcome to drop by anytime.

@Chari,thank you.

@SimpleeMe,Undescribale defines Him.

@aloted,I concur

@solomonsydelle,thank you.I'll appreciate that. He is awesome.