Monday, January 5, 2009


I open my mouth and You speak,
I’m suppressed for You to emerge,
Searching for an answer and You hand it to me,
You teach me great things in my obedience,
I literally feel like me when You visit,
Never gone out on a limb like with the Lamb,
Amazing how You use me and I’m oblivious to it,
The Master Puppeteer,
Administering antibiotics while I don’t know I’m in need,
Healing me in my sleep,
Giving men unto me,
Yet they are clueless who sent them,
You covet me,
Transplanting me to Your courtyard,
Just so You can water me at the required hour,
Sink it into my membrane that I’m precious to You,
That You will give up bliss for even second for me, intrigues me,
Awaken Your ways in me,
Stoke me into purpose,
Cheer when I figure yet another puzzle,
As I break ranks toward You,
Where You are I intend to be,
The Holy of holies!
Feeding off the palms of Jehovah


Uzezi said...

He does all these things. at times we fail to recognise Him at work in us and through us.

Happy new year sir.

aloted said...

deep stuff!!

Shubby Doo said...

from him we are made...he is inherent is all things us

happy new year...may it be one of fufill his purpose... for us all

Telekinesys said...

@uzezi,yep sometimes we are oblivious to His workings in us.

@aloted,yeah the deep things of God.

@shubbydoo,True.Amen to fulfilling purpose this year.

chichi said...

very deep indeed. thank God 4 a heart that seeks him with sincere passion.

and happy new year to you. all the very best to ya!