Friday, March 27, 2009


I’m the apple of Your eye……
That You will never leave me nor forsake me…..Heb13:5
That You update the count on my hairs after a haircut…Luke 12:7
That before I thought it, you parceled a bonus…Eph3:20
That hand in hand You’ll lead me by still waters….Ps23:2
That when I slip You’ll break my fall….Prov24:16
That Your grace is enough…..2Cor 12:9
That there’s no condemnation….Rom8:1
That in time everything is made beautiful…..Ecc3:11
That no one can take away Your gifts in me….Rom11:29
That You are by my side and fear won’t dare…..Ps118:6
That I’ll be the last man standing….Ps91:7
That I’m king because You have ordained me…Phil4:13
That if my desires align with Your plan it’ll blossom...Prov19:21
That when I hope I’ll grow wings…..Isa40:31
That my surname is God…Isa43:1
That nothing wrings Your brows….Gen18:14
That my sins are written upon waters…Isa43:25
That my cup will run over……..Ps23:5

Did you mean it when You said that if I seek You that I will find You….Jer29:13

Thank You.


simeone said...


simeone said...

He meant everything o..aand see me forgetting that He said these things...cos He meant them before He said them..thank you father....
i need to meditate on this more

Kémi Penélopê said...

Yes, He did...He so did...

Caelestis Angelus! said...

yes he meant it, every word of it bro. He will make all things beautiful in his time

Chris said...

The kingdom of god, is within..b

Kafo said...

this is too beautiful oooooooooooo


never been here before but i'll be back

chichi said...


this is too much. ah! Chineke dinma for real kai... daddy, daddy for real you rock!

loved this so much. can i steal it? its something i want to wake up too everyday.

My World said...

What a beautiful post.
1st time here,wud b bck...

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Sometimes, we say words can't express how we feel..but this poem says it all..
Lord, thank you for meaning every word of this..AMEN!!
I think i might just print this out and paste it on my wall so i can read it every morning..Hpe i have ur permission?

Thanx for sharing this!!

Mimi said...

first time here...

That You are by my side and fear won’t dare…..Ps118:6


ha ha ha. I love being a christian.

Telekinesys said...

@Simeone,by all means do meditate on this more.

@Penelope,He so did.

@C.A, In His time right? True.

@Chris,Yes it is.

@Kafo,You are welcome, looking forward to having you.

@Chichi,God rocks bigtime! please enjoy.Permission granted.

@My world,thanks for dropping by, do come often.

@Poets voice,you are welcome,you are permitted as long as it ministers.

@Mimi, thank you.I love getting to know God too.Thanks for stopping by.

deola said...

fine notes. It touches the soul.

Telekinesys said...

@deola, Thank you.


amin. He did.

David C Brown said...

"... according as he has chosen us in [Christ] before the world's foundation ..." Amen, and it was in His mind for us so long ago!