Monday, April 20, 2009


I’m at crossroads this moment,
The battle within me is fierce,
I knew this day would come,
What I didn’t know was how,
Nice angle you picked ‘king of Hades’,
I was wondering how you’ll let me through this easily,
A transition is near,
A newness is in the offing,
A covenant is pen ready,
The 3 strands are about to be bound for eternity,
Damage is about to hit your ministry,
Allies are being birthed,
Foot soldiers are being promoted to generals,
Typical of you to jab at my weakness in such an hour,
Trying to shove my into another destiny,
Coming at me with all you got,
Tinkering with my thoughts,
Fortunately for me, God is true to his words,
He has given me a way of escape yet again,
I will do His bid and not yours,
I’ll have you flat on your back once more,
I’ll have you squealing in no time,
I’ll get to were He needs me,
The level I yearn,
I’ll walk in the future He intended,
You can bring your ‘A’ game,
I’m ready,
Armor clad,
Spirit nurtured,
Skill, razor sharp,
And my Master strategist ahead,
So bring it on!
Cos I know promotion is nigh!


Rita said...

That is the spirit...yet very encouraging

Kafo said...

i'm snapping

this is very uplifting

Avartsy said...

"Armor clad,
Spirit nurtured..."

nicely written as u dey?!

Debbie said...

Nice one, very well written and encouraging.

simeone said...

thats the spirit....
i'm infected afresh..thanks...

Uzezi said...

glad to know you are keeping strong. God is always your strength. The Devil can try but he always fails

Telekinesys said...

@Rita, Yeah its the spirit.

@Kafo,lol, be cautious with the snapping!

@Avartsy,Thanks.I'm fine and you?

@Debbie,thank you.

@Simeone,Welcome sir

@Uzezi, yeah sis. Thanks