Friday, May 22, 2009


You really are in love with me, aren’t You?
Again I’ve broken free from Your grip,
Running swiftly toward the cliff,
I offer myself to be sifted as wheat,
My prayers are halfhearted,
I have starved myself of You,
Letting my mind feed off thistles,
Enjoying the bruises that follow,
‘Just this once more’, I say,
Then I’m done disgracing You,
I’ll just look at the gourmet meal,
I promise, I won’t eat it,
Scouts honor!
Knowingly You smile,
Bringing to remembrance Your word,
True, lord,
I’ll be licking my fingers before You say J,
Shouldn’t have stayed off You for a second,
Now I’m weak,
Willing to self destruct.
But loving You,
To my rescue again,
My redeemer,
My saviour,
Bringing me to safety.
Always stay near, lord,
Forgive my whims,
Keep me in check,
And I’ll be a son for life.


simeone said...

ah...this could as well have been straight from my heart..I'm getting better by his grace...

*this is good..

Kafo said...

God is good and merciful

Remi, United Kingdom said...

awe... I absolutely love this..
sounds like me lol...
and when you wrote "I’ll just look at the gourmet meal,I promise, I won’t eat it,Scouts honor!" if I had a penny for everytime I said and thought that to God eh? lol..

But thank God He is good.... All the time.

Have an awesome weekend.

Much love

chichi said...

heb13 vs5: an assurance that he will never turn away, never abandon even when it makes sense dat he should.
Praise God for who he will always be to us.

God bless U!

Uzezi said...

it's the unfailing love He has for us regardless of all our limitations.

Debbie said...

His love for us never grows dim, dull or runs dry, it's never ending and overflowing regardless of how far we try to run from him.
Nicely written

David C Brown said...

And you are a son for life! And "because ye are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of his Son into our hearts" Gal 4: 6 to help us to behave like sons.