Thursday, May 7, 2009


Often I like to sit in Your presence,
No words spoken,
No jiggling,
Just still,
Taking in Your atmosphere,
Nothing else matters this moment,
I am in the palace,
I am safe here,
I don’t want to say anything to You,
If You don’t utter, I understand,
It’s so peaceful here,
So alright,
I’m the showbread now,
When I’m done soaking
In a bit I’ll be the bread of Your Presence,
I’m elated that I increase when we hang.


Remi, United Kingdom said...

I love this... :-))))

I do this mostly in the car for some reason. Get to where I am going and then park and then just acknowledge His presence... :-)))))

simeone said...

hmmm..that feeling when you are just quiet in his presence is just indescribable..i only know that i'm lifted afterwards/..

Kafo said...


Danny BaGucci said...

The place.... works wonders for a parched soul that seeks.. Nice...

Debbie said...

Nice, I'm elated that I increase when we hang.

No one stays in his presence without coming away with something of worth.

chichi said...


I love d last line. the way you write takes my love for God to new heights every time!!

Anonymous said...

I soo love this. while reading it, i am imagining it and i can actually touch it. Its at such times, that you reach God.

StandTall-The Activist said...

I am feeling this. So loving this

Rita said...

At His presence there is fullness of joy...I know what you mean...

David C Brown said...

"In his shadow have I rapture and sit down; And his fruit is sweet to my taste".

Life is so busy that I need help just to sit be there with the Lord.

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Once you've been in HIS presence, you'll never come out the same!

Telekinesys said...

@Remi,nothing like being aware of His presence, awesome!

@Simeone, indescribable is the word.

@Kafo,thank you.

@DB,The perfect place for every soul.

@Debbie, true talk, we always leave better.

@Chichi, glad to be of service.

@naijagirl,thanks, its at such moments that we connect. Just imagine such moments at a whim.Awesome

@Standtall,thank you.

@Rita, yeah.


@The poets voice, NEVER!

Devine said...

my first tym on here.........n i love it