Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My love for You is unconditional
I have learnt to separate things
My needs, my yearnings are glaring
But my yearn for You is key
It is not fleeting
Neither is it tied to anything
I understand that i am the Kings kid
So for sure the spoils of the palace are mine
That apart
My heart leaps at the voice of Your word
To know You  is my life's conquest
To be close to You
To lean on You and drink deeply from You
I search Your living word on a daily
Seeking to meet with You
Seeking to find me
I know that a life outside You is fickle
So i press on eagerly
If i am ever going to be the me You intended then i have to ask you to show me how
Enough of the ' to and fro'
I'm staying put with You
Until You nudge me towards
Open up to me Your  most intimate insides
Need i say, You have access to mine
I wanna beat my chest without a doubt
Screaming ,' my Father showed me how'
Being a success that You  endorsed
That i didn't just cook up
My love for you trumps all
Stripped bare and with no promise ahead
I' ll  be shouting ' i love You  Lord' from mountain tops
All life long.

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