Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It’s the morning of your day again,
Celebrations in every cranny of the world,
Felicitations, food and fun,
All on your account,
Wonder if anyone has personally wished you ‘a happy birthday’
Gifts are under the tree,
But none of them is addressed to you,
Nobody has asked what it is you want on your day,
If you want it ‘hush’ this year,
Or just want to hang with the motherless babies,
A grand service with age old routine might get you yawning,
So I say,
I’m mighty grateful you were born,
I love that you came in through the humblest of families,
That your place of birth was a lowly manger,
Your arrival is the genesis of my salvation,
I might not have gifts of myrrh and frankincense for you,

But today a redeemed heart which you made happen,
Is here praising you,
Adoring you,
Thanking you,
Worshiping you,
Saying blessed is the day you were born.
Happy birthday, Jesus.
I don’t need to wish You long life and prosperity,
Cos I know that your years are eternal and all things are Yours.

1 comment:

David C Brown said...

the genesis of my salvation - I like it!