Friday, April 17, 2015


A review of our banters gone by
The effect of our exchange
The trickle of our frolic
And my heart rends
Then it quickly mends
Born of the urgency of a rebirth.

Selfish,i have been
Keeping our talks to myself
Forgetting that mine was a prayer of echoes
The ripple effect in my yearn
Forgive my lack of a-bigger-picture syndrome

My words are still for You
Forever my pen bleeds Jesus
Deeper will i dive
Coming up only to praise
I will tell of the many facets of You
And brag of the quality of Your genuineness 

I commit to share
Out of the abundance You have sowed
Holding back none
Spreading Your every word
Until hearts start melting
Legs come running
And men yielding in abandon

My words are still for You
My pen bleeds for only You
I am consecrated.

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