Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I sense a call to a higher place
To come up hither 
A place of more
An unveiling of riches
A growth beyond my years
An attainment that few have dared

Teach me
Show me how
Quieten my spirit
That i can pick the faintest of scents
Bind my wandering heart

It is a defining moment
A divider of ranks
A separation from the mediocre
A season of quantum leaps

It is time for the supernatural
To do away with undulations
And perpetually soar
To heights designed for me
To the me i am meant to be

Author and Perfecter
All knowing
The Lion and the Lamb
My King
The I am that I am
My Creator

Help me.

1 comment:

David C Brown said...

Our place "in Christ" is the high place secured for us already.