Monday, July 6, 2015


Some days the events of my day contradicts your word,
And i begin to consent to the down-flow,
Then your word in me finds an outlet 
First in trickles,
Then like an untamed tide
You deliver reminders of who you are
And what you have accomplished for me

Sometimes it's just a word
Other times a phrase
Or a scripture
Pointing me to the Word that supersedes 
Every let down
Every lack
Every weakness
Every false start
Every contradiction

Then I profusely thank You
For leading me besides still waters
For feeding me through a raven at the brook
For letting me share bread and fish with 4999
For challenging everyone who wanted to stone me for adultery
For braving the cross

Your Word requires no validation
Even though our experiences are proofs
You are a stand-alone
All encompassing
Author and perfecter
And the in-between

So when i speak Your word
I am reminded
I am energized 
I am updated
I am 
As He is.


omokhowa said...

Nice one Bro

David C Brown said...

He is the answer to all our needs! And we receive His secrets in His word!

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